August 2015 Family History Conference

August 2015 Family History Conference

A capacity audience of 150 people benefitted from four excellent presentations at the 2015 GSSI Annual Family History Conference by D. Joshua Taylor, President of the Federation of Genealogical Societies


Josh, tutored as a youth in history and genealogy by his grandmother, spoke with an authority gained from experience and academic training.The breadth of his knowledge can only be hinted at by the ease in which he moved from discussing colonial American ancestry to how the latest technology changes the way genealogists do their work. He developed an excellent rapport with the audience, was open to questions throughout, and sprinkled his remarks with occasional humor..


Our thanks to Josh, to conference coordinator Diane Anderson for pre-planning and publicity, and to the other GSSI members and volunteers who helped her in numerous ways throughout the day. It was truly a successful and memorable conference.

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