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GSSI Newsletters


Volume 45 #7

        November, 2017

         We wish you a very Happy Holiday Season!!

GSSI Archives October Member Meeting





Mr. Ed O’Day, GSSI Archivist, introduced us to the records housed at the GSSI archive room.  The main reason for the archive was to document the societies activities.  But as our members are growing older, we were given their research for safe keeping.

Walking into the archive room, you are met with numerous notebooks and binders full of family histories.  And there is a binder listing what is available for your research.

The file cabinets are filled with all of the records from Dee Fozzard’s many years of researching, for the public. Contained in her records are photo copies of

Williamson County Death Records from 1916 to 1950.

As Ed opened a file drawer, he pulled out what used to be an old three ring black

binder.  This is the records of Caplinger/O’Neal families.  The handwritten history looks like it was dictated from a grandfather to grandson, maybe in the 1930’s.  Also of great interest is the diploma and awards from Emeline Cook a Herrin High School graduate in1914, all rolled up in a nice leather case.  Some of which might be sheep skin.

And another archive find was original land deeds from Union County 1839-1890.

It is so interesting to read the old handwriting on these documents!

The GSSI archives have family information that might be of interest to you.  To inquire contact Mr. Ed O’Day at


Union County News

P.A.S.T. "Silver and Gold" Holiday Luncheons

102 S. Main, Jonesboro, IL  62959

December 7,8,9, and 13,14,15,16.  Call 618-833-3347 or 618-713-7707/  or email by Dec. 1.  $20.00 each.

Doors open 11:30 and Lunch @12:00.  Only 24 seats available each day!


Lindell Barrell passed away Saturday, November 4, 2017.  Lin was a GSSI

Board member and SAGA editor from 2012 -2017.  Our condolences go out to

his family and friends.  He will be greatly missed.

Help Wanted!!!

GSSI is in need of your help.  The following appointed positions need to be filled for the 2018 year.

Second Vice President, Genealogist, Librarian, Membership, Publications, Parliamentarian and Editor of the SAGA.  If you would like to help, email President Jackie Lyell at


FINDING SCOTISH ANCESTORS ONLINE: January 9 2018, presented by Nancy Loe

ILLINOIS DIGITAL RESOURCES: February 13, 2018, presented by Tina Beaird


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