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GSSI was organized in Carterville, Illinois in March 1973 for the purpose of encouraging the science of genealogy; helping others gather genealogical information; and preserving, protecting and publishing information of importance to Southern Illinois genealogy. Our geographic area includes the twenty-eight counties of Illinois south of Interstate 70 which are listed in our website header above.
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Events in the Virtual World
In today's world it can be a challenge just getting through the day let alone figuring out how to keep up with what's going on in the genealogy world when physical meetings are on hiatus. The good news is that many genealogy societies are switching to online meetings and programs and welcoming genealogists everywhere to attend. Listed here are some upcoming events that can keep you on the genealogy road --- all events listed are free!
• Monday June 29th – 3:00 p.m. CDT
  Find Your Czech and Slovak Ancestors
  A live free Zoom event, pesented by Steve Szabados, from the Mount Prospect Public Library in Illinois.
  This presentation will outline simple steps to help determine where to look, and will review translating aids for
  reading documents. Participants must register in advance and provide a working email address to receive the
  login information.
  Click HERE for more details and to register.
• Wednesday, July 1st – 2:00 PM (EDT)
  Finding a Father for Molly Using DNA
  A free Legacy Family Tree webinar, featuring Jill Morelli.
  Oral tradition told the story; DNA identifiedd the father. This case study illustrates using matches on Ancestry &
  GEDmatch to narrow the number of candidates, developing and implementing a targeted testing plan, hypothesis
  development and using documentary evidence to support the conclusion. To register for this event use this link – 
•  Monday, July 6th thru Friday, July 10th
   National Archives Special Event:  Virtural Genealogy Camp for Kids (ages 12 and up)
   This free, virtual week of camp will introduce the basics of genealogy research and how to use the resources
   of the National Archives to become history detectives. A great event if the kids in your family are curious about
   Visit the National Archives' Facebook page for more info by clicking HERE – or click this link to REGISTER.