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Descriptive Inventory of GSSI's Archives

The Society's archives are housed in the Cambria Community Building, 302 South Reichert Street, Cambria, Illinois. As is standard with original or unique documents, items do not circulate, but copy facilities are available at the Archives. Files are open for research by prior appointment only. To schedule a visit to the Archives, send an email request to:
Collections & Papers
Frances Widdows Ashley Papers
(A1 - 7 Notebooks & 1 legal size hanging folder)
Notebooks and papers primarily on the Elmore, Fleeman and Stafford families.
Frank & Marilyn Black Papers
(B1 - 1-1/2 vertical file drawers and 1 large 3-ring binder)
Correspondence, printed matter & research primarily on the Black, Coleman and O'Dell families.
Wayne Price Carlisle Papers
(C1 - two vertical file drawers)
Research and correspondence about the Carlisle family of Franklin & Madison counties (donated by Roberts Phipps). Related lines include Ashby, Farrar, Hancock and Price.
Paul Dillow Papers
(Notebook and family files)
Dillow family research by Paul Dean Dillow, primarily covering Germany, North Carolina & Union County. Includes extensive transcripts of censuses and vital records, raw material for his 4-volume study The Michael Hartman Dillow and Anna Margareth Holshouser Family.
* In 2018 Mr. Dillow donated 15 new boxes of family group sheets to the collection. These files contain data on many other Union County familes that intermarried with the Dillows.
Fozzard Research Collection
(F1 - 1 notebook index, 14 vetical file drawers and 1 legal size hanging folder.)
Extensive commissioned research by Delores "Dee" Fozzard on hundreds of families, primarily of Jackson and Williamson counties. Some folders contain only a few items but other contain well-documented family histories. A portion of Mrs. Fozzard's research files are held by the Williamson County Historical Society including most surnames beginning with A.
Among the surnames with a large number of files are Bandy, Beasley, Belcher, Bradshaw, Burton, Cooper, Ditterline, Grammer, Hindman, Holder, and Hunsaker; Johnson, Jones, Lindsey, McNeil/NcNeill, Odum, Parker, Pomeroy, and Robinson; Shackleford, Sizemore, Smith, Spiller, Stricklin, Trobaugh, Venable, Watson, Wheatley, White, Williams, Wiswell, and Young.
Fozzard Family Collection
(F2 - 1 vetical file drawer)
Personal family research by Mrs. Fozzard on the Kelly, Reed and Younger families. The Louella K. Myers Collection (M1) contains related files.
Mary Ann King Hahn Collection
(K1 - 2 legal size file drawers)
Research collection of Mary Ann King Hahn on the King family of Randolph County and other families of Jackson and Perry counties. The collection contains extensive copies of documents, but it has not been inventoried.
Jean Parks Hauffe Papers
(H1 - several small legal size folders)
Files of Revolutionary War, War of 1812, and other military pension records assembled by Jean Parks Hauffe, a past president of GSSI.
Dr. William Lawrence Papers
(L1 - 2 legal size file drawers)
Research files on the Choate and Lawrence families of Southern Illinois. Related lines include the Ezekiel, Hooper, Humphrey, and Squire families. Donated by Kathy Lawrence of Tinley Park, IL.
Louella K. Myers Collection
(M1 - 6 binders)
Genealogies of the Younger, Creek, Kelley, Payne, and Day families.
Jan Norman Collection
(N1 - one file cabinet)
Family group sheets on the Norman family and on scores of other Southern Illinois families compiled by Jan Norman. Donated by her daughter and son-in-law in 2016.
Elizabeth Pinkerton Leighty Papers
(P1 - legal size file drawer of uncatalogued papers plus 7 binders and notebooks)
Research and correspondence relating to Mrs. Leighty's research of the Gault, Keys and Pinkerton families of Randolph County.
Leona M. Sauser Manuscript
(S2 - spiral bound volume, 297 pages, 3 appendices, 4 maps and many photographs)
Pioneers Who Walked Across America: Our Ancestors. A  well documented family history of settlers who arrived in Marion, Franklin, Gallatin, Hamilton, Jefferson and Washington counties as early as 1814. Among the ancestors discussed are members of the Andrews, Blalock, Dugger, Evans, Farthing, Graves, Hays, Huff, Hunter, Moore, Pace, Potter, Tate, Watson and Wright families, many of them over several generations.
Dr. Johannes Schlenker Papers
Research and correspondence about the Schlenker family and related lines of Germany, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Union County, Illinois. Includes typescript manuscript of Schlenker's study of "Deutschland of the Piedmon
Three-Ring Binders & Notebooks
Ballard-Bollinger and related families 1 red binder
Bandy-Gallimaufry family 1 large white binder marked "Edition 3".
Burkhalter-Williams family 1 blue softcover binder. Compiled by Lori Husband, Park Forest, IL. Some loose notes by Dee Fozzard.
Coleman family  1 large binder (Part of the Frank & Marilyn Black Collection - B1.)
Cox-Brenner and related families 1 white binder
Cox-Dwyer and related families 1 blue binder. Related families listed on spine of binder. 
Cox-Hindman Roberts families 1 white binder
Crain family 1 large black binder. Related families include Boren, Hampden, Snyder, and Spiller.
Dillow family 1 large black binder (Part of the Paul Dillow Papers - D1.)
Elmore  & Fleeman families 5 binders (Part of the Ashley Papers - A3.) Elmore Family, volumes 1&2; papers of William Elmore; Elmore genealogy & correspondence; Fleeman family. Compiled by Frances Widdows Ashley. 
Hagler family of Jackson County, IL 1 large white binder. Compiled by Iona "Tony" (Lipe) Ferrell. Binder contains a loose appendix of documents for the Grammer-Clapp line.
Hambrick-Goebel family An unbound "Family History" file held together by a spring clip.
Hinchcliff family of Jackson Counti, IL 1 white binder. By Joseph C. Hinchcliff (Texas). (Note: the Fozzard Research Collection (F1) also has a large amount of Hinchcliff material.)
Kuykendall Families of America 4 volumes in 1 white binder. Privately published by Velma Kuykendall Winn. Contains markings and notations on the Hardin and Hambright families by Dee Fozzard.
Lowery family 1 large white binder. "In Loving Memory" – 12 Lowery family histories compiled by James Ralph "Jim" Lowery. Associated family lines listed on spine of binder.
Manser and Thomas families 1 large white binder. Two typescript family histories filed together in one 3-ring binder: "Descendants of George Manser" and "Descendants of Christopher Columbus 'Kit' Thomas and William Robert Thomas". Both histories are paginated and fully indexed. Author unknown.
Pinkerton-Gault and related families 7 binders (From the Leighty Papers – L1). Six notebooks & binders of mixed correspondence and documents. Also, one softbound typescript mimeograph "The William Gault Family History 1735-1948" by Presley Brown Gault & Elizabeth Pinkerton Leighty. The Gault volume is annotated and indexed.
Samuel A. Ragsdale Genealogy 1 softcover binder and 1 brown envelope. By Pamela Ragsdale Briggs. Allied families include Baldwin, Bishop, Miller, and Pike.
Stafford family 2 large blue binders – Volumes 1&2 (from the Ashley Papers – A1).
Vollner-Faull families 1 large white binger. Research by Lavida R. Faull. Associated families listed on the spine; an appendix traces the Crabtree line.
Charles & Mary (McLain) Williams 1 white binder. Family history.